Mining Explained

Mining Explained is a layperson's guide to mining that has become a respected reference. It is published in book format by the Northern Miner, a Canadian mining newspaper since 1915. This online course is developed from the 11th edition of Mining Explained.

This respected reference on exploration, mining and metallurgy and investing explains in layperson's terms how minerals are discovered, extracted, refined and marketed. Also included is an extensive 33 page glossary of mining terms.

This course covers Basic Geology, Prospecting, Sampling and Drilling, Mining Methods, Metals Markets, Investing in Mining... and much more.

Additional Information

Level:         Introduce

Access:       90 Days

Duration:    15 Hours

Category:   Mining

Price:         $296,10 USD with coupon code EITEDU10 (regular price is $329,00 USD)

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